Chiquita-Unifrutti Philippines


Chiquita-Unifrutti Philippines Incorporated (Chiquita-Unifrutti Philippines)

  • a subsidiary of Chiquita Brands, Inc.
  • banana grower and exporter company
  • Ilang Tibungco, Davao City
  • one of the biggest client of the Mindanao-based Macondray Plastics, Inc.
  • came to the Philippines in 1992 in search for a stable of supply of bananas
  • grew and made joint ventures with other investors that allowed for further expansion and growth in production
  • came to the town of Datu Paglas and invested 1.9 Billion Pesos
  • further invest another P 600 Million in Wao and Bumbaran in Lanao del Sur
  • Mr. John Perrine, Chief Executive Officer of Unifrutti Philippines
  • one of the major buyers of Philippine Greenfarm Development Corporation and Philippine Fresh Fruits Corporation
  • one of the major fruit companies in the world



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